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Custom Table Pads for Dining Room, Kitchen and Conference Tables

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Table Covers

Table Pad Factory is a table pad company that manufactures all table pad protection products such as custom table pads, dining room table pads, conference table pads, buffet server table pads, dining table extenders, kitchen table pads, table protectors, table covers, protective table pads, linen tablecloths and accessories for table pads. Our table pad covers are affordable and come with our lifetime warranty. Our fiberboard table pad covers offer the finest table protection with 600 degrees of heat protection and come with our magnetic locking system to keep tablepads from slipping and separating. We are proud to manufacture all of our protective table pads in the USA.

About Table Pad Protection

Table Pad Covers have always been the most effective way, both practically and financially, to preserve your valued dining room or kitchen table from damage such as heat, scratches, spills and gouges. In the past table covers were almost exclusively utilized to protect dining room tables. In today’s society most people have switched from formica in the kitchen to wood tables in the kitchen, necessitating a protective table pad to preserve the beauty of the kitchen table. A table cover will enable your kitchen table to be utilized for informal dining as well as school projects, crafts, tax returns, bookkeeping etc.

Table Pads – A smart investment

Have you considered how expensive it is to refinish a table? The cost of protective table pads otherwise known as table top pads are on average 20% the cost of refinishing your table. The other thing to consider is after refinishing your table and spending lots of money you would still need table pads to preserve the table. A table cover is the only proven way to insure that you will not need to refinish the table again in the future.

Table Pads have many uses

Table Pad Factory has seen a surge in creative ways of using table covers. Many of our customers use protective table pads for their granite countertop in the kitchen. Some people cover the whole granite serving area while others just use table pad placemats or paddies to protect a small portion of their serving area. Other creative ways of using table covers are for pool tables, pianos, window box seating, desks, and bars. Table covers also protect against cats jumping and scratching kitchen tables, dining tables, buffet servers, chests, armoires, night stands and all other furniture as well. Our protective table pads come standard with a solid fiberboard inner core.  We only sell 1 pad and it’s the best pad on the market. Our table pad covers come standard with our magnetic locking system.

Table Pads & Tablecloths

We are proud to offer beautiful tablecloths from our sister company qualitytablecloth.com. Our tablecloths are elegant. We offer custom made tablecloths and standard tablecloths. We have a beautiful selection of tablecloths, napkins, runners and table covers. We are available 7 days a week and strive for each and every customer to be a happy customer.

Table Pad Factory is the leading table pad and table covers company that manufactures custom made table pads, table pad covers, table top pads, protective table pads and table protectors at wholesale prices to the public. We make each table pad custom to fit the exact shape and size of your table. Our table pads can be used to cover and protect dining room tables, kitchen tables, conference tables, buffet servers, pool tables, pianos, coffee tables, end tables and all other types of furniture.